Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two in One Day!

What are the chances!

We have been thrilled to be awaiting our fifth and sixth grandchildren -- because our first four have been so fabulous.

Every twitch our daughters' had sent us into excitement that soon one would be having her baby.

Sure, they were due less than a week apart.

Sure, they were states apart from each other, but surely w
e could just fly back and forth and be there for both. That's what flights are for!

Brea had lots of pre-term labor, but at the least she and Steven's baby was a scheduled C-Section... we could predict one.
We had no sooner left the hospital bedside of one of two of our best friends, getting ready to be home for the c-section of one of our new babies when the news came... Ashley was in labor. We had no choice, Don and I would have to "divide" and conquer. Both of us had tears over having to choose who would go where. We wanted to divide ourselves in two... not even cloning would do! But Ashley was having her first baby and Breanna's was C-Section. The choice seemed clear, my experience would probably most be needed in Utah. We left straight from the Seattle Hospital ("Grandpa" Jim had just had surgery there) to the Seatac airport where I was dropped off to head for Utah, and Don drove back to Lynden to watch Wesley with Aunt Mercedes (who is staying with us -- what a blessing!) while Breanna prepared to have a c-section early the next morning. What are the chances?

Ashley took a final for her Master's degree while in labor with Bennett... as I flew to Utah, then she came home and continued the passage to bring young Bennett into the world through the night. Breanna started into labor on her own early the next morning. Don and I text each other with ongoing updates and emailed photos. Then sure enough, within hours:

On June 10th, 2009...

Preston Ross Logston 8 lbs. 3 ounces and 21 inches long was born half past 8 AM

Bennett Keith Christensen 6 lbs 13 ounces and 19" long, was born at 12:26 PM. Only three hours apart if you calculate the time difference in!

Don got to be with Brea, Steven, Wes and Preston for the first few hours...

and then flew out to try to get to Ashley's birth before Bennett came.
But Bennett came just hours before he arrived... and had struggles breathing, so he was in NICU.

We were all terribly worried, but we knew he would pull through. His Samsey, and his Mimi (Grandma Christensen) and his Great-grandma Hall were on hand. Both his Papa and his Opa (Grandpa Christensen) were trying to get to him. When Papa arrived, he and Bennett's Daddy gave him a blessing... Bennett starting turning around and could come off the respirator and begin healing. Soon Bennett's Opa arrived.

And a few days later... days early (and only after his mother had a little trip to the ER to stop hemoraging quickly, thanks to Bennett she was very close to the ER)... Bennett was released. Preston was doing great (a rare 9.9 Apgar)

and as we left the hospital in Utah this was overhead (true story):

Steven and Brea are happy new parents. Ashley and Brandon have been real troopers and had joy even in the face of trials. Their siblings have been supportive and caring, as have a flood of family and friends. And did we mention that Bennett got to come home three days early from the hospital... after "just" five days in NICU! Whew.

Breanna is reporting (miraculously) that it is easier to care for two than it was for one. Wes is taking naps with his little brother (wow!) and as proud as can be of his new baby.

As for Don and I? We're so grateful! We just wish we had a transporter so we could zap back and forth to be with both of these sweet growing families (and Dane, Brandie, Gus and Bay, AND Devin, Tree and Bentley). What a wonderful blessing it is to be part of each one of our childrens' lives. They and their sweet spouses are each such a light in our lives. And every one of our grandchildren hold a huge place in our hearts. Who would have guessed the joy would be this full?
More about Gabe and Bailey, Wesley and Bentley, our first sweet grandbabies in our next post (You can see some of their photos at the bottom of our blog)!